About us

ABout RD Expedoted, US semi-truck

About us

RD Expedited Inc

RD EXPEDITED is a company that provides full logistics across United States and Canada. Starting as a small family-owned business based in Illinois, RD Expedited is expanding into an nation-wide recognized company. With 24-hour call center availability, and multiple locations and terminals, our growing network of skilled individuals provide dependable smart logistics solutions for your needs.

Our rapidly expanding fleet of dedicated drivers ensure safe delivery of your freight across North America on time.

Our Mission

RD EXPEDITED is determined to provide reliable and safe service you can count on. Our team of highly skilled individuals will meet and exceed all of your logistic needs. We are committed to our customers, our company and our family! Work smart, not hard.

With our network we can arrange for the transportation of general commodities for customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Providing multiple truckload services for each customer, RD EXPEDITED is able to take advantage of large amount of freight transported in regional markets.

Our services enable us to decrease maintenance expenses, downtime, and enhance our operating inefficiencies to give you the best service in the business.

ABout RD Expedoted, US semi-truck
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